Integrated B2B Marketing Strategy


The challenge

Competition in the world of brand experience is intense. The lines between different marketing disciplines have all but disappeared, and much of our work is project-based, so our challenge is to constantly feed our new business pipeline to stay ahead of the game. It also doesn’t come much tougher than our target audience. Turning the heads of a seasoned marketer like yourself, takes real skill.


The idea

Over the past three decades, we’ve grown off the back of word-of-mouth recommendation (thank you to our valued clients many times over for this). When we ‘went global’ ten years ago, we started actively marketing ourselves, as we saw an opportunity to carve out a niche for Because as expert guides in brand experience, and more recently, in digital and virtual solutions.

We decided to focus on inspiration and education, rather than self-promotion. Simply put, our ambition when talking about ourselves has always been to serve before we sell. We knew then that by winning marketers’ trust and feeding their imaginations, we would create a springboard for future conversations about similar ways we could bring their own brand to life when the time was right. With zero pressure along the way.


The solution

Monitoring macrotrends coupled with smart targeting is at the heart of our marketing strategy. Every company we target is analysed across 15-20 criteria to determine the best partner fit for our business. We’re not right for every business, and likewise not every brand is right for us, so turning the heads of the right prospects at the start of the sales process matters.

Using insight, we continuously review and update a few segmented brand databases. Examples here include a Wish List of brands we dream about working with (truly), and another is an opt-in email database of over 50,000 marketers globally. The latter is used to simply stay on the radar for potential inbound leads and referrals. Our database is refined daily and has taken almost ten years of honing. I think it’s fair to say we’d give ALF a run for their money if we decided to become a player in their field of expertise (which we have no intention of doing as we have enough fun being brand-experience experts).

Each day starts with a chat about the marketing world at large, and then every week, we create a stream of original fresh content, designed to feed core elements of our inbound leads strategy.

The hub of our strategy is a visually engaging, highly informative, lead-generating website, built in a platform which enables us to know, in real-time, whose online checking us out, and what they appear most interested in. Whilst the back-end of our website is driven by data-led 



intelligence, the front-end user experience is a clean, uncluttered and inspirational UX. This all-in-one inbound marketing, sales and CRM platform allows us to track exactly how different prospects are engaging with our brand, and automatically deliver additional relevant content to the reader based on their interests and activities.

Alongside this, visitors can quickly access a wealth of valuable free content. We now offer more than 30 eBooks, guides and templates - gated, ‘evergreen’ content accessed in return for simple contact information, which then feeds into our sales prospecting tool (CRM).

These eBooks and guides are regularly promoted via a number of digital channels, and we personalise website content and eBooks to prospects around the world, with details of our local Because office in their country.

Our blog is updated weekly with fresh examples of great brand experiences from around the world, recent Because work and insightful opinion posts. This content feeds into our weekly newsletter, is widely shared across social media, and also provides topical campaigns to support our Masterclass program. Pre COVID, we hosted a free-to-attend interactive Experiential Masterclass every month for brand marketers globally. We also run bespoke in-house Masterclasses and Live Tech ‘Lunch & Learns’ on virtual reality and immersive technologies, amongst other. Naturally this program has been adapted to be hosted virtually.

Our integrated marketing strategy continues to fuel our growth, with the over-riding objective being to stand out in a very competitive, and crowded, marketplace. And importantly, we never take our foot off the gas here in our ambition to position Because as a leader in our field of expertise, globally.


Dialing Up The Success

B2B marketing needs smart, long-term planning. Yes, you can kick off with a campaign launch, but you need to have the staying power to keep going at it, as the sales funnel for B2B (HVC or big-ticket purchases) is almost always far longer than when marketing a B2C brand. Ours is a strategic, integrated marketing strategy that we’ve stuck to daily, and refined over many years (test, learn and apply) to ensure it constantly feeds our new-business pipeline. Besides seeing an exceptional commercial return, the content strategy has cemented Because’s position as thought leaders and experts in brand experience, giving the agency superb business intelligence, which we use to constantly shape our future business development strategies.


At the UK Agency Awards our B2B marketing strategy has won Best Agency Content Marketing, Best Marketing Strategy for Agency Growth, and we were shortlisted for Best Agency Website. We also have some impressive performance stats we could share with you, so let’s have a chat if you’re keen to explore how Because can look to create a hard-hitting, lead generation strategy for your brand.

Because are experience makers, brand activators and content creators.
For almost 30 years, our pioneering campaigns have connected people with brands in extraordinary ways, changing beliefs and actions.