Voice technology turns up brand volume


The challenge

Amazon Alexa is arguably the most famous personal assistant in the world. The virtual helper has already revolutionised customers’ lifestyles and daily routines in more than 100 million homes around the world, and that’s beyond being just a DJ, traffic advisor, or weather reporter. She can integrate with other brands and technology to upgrade your life, and she can turn your home or office into a smarter work and play partner. However, outside of the home environment, corporate brands haven’t realised the commercial possibilities of using voice technology, and specifically, Alexa’s versatile talents. The challenge that was set for the Because team: show corporates clearly how Alexa can upgrade the way your business works and how your brand is marketed within the Australian and New Zealand markets (ANZ).


The idea

To promote the potential of Alexa in these two countries, Amazon asked the Because team to produce a locally-focused version of their successful ‘Give your brand a voice’ video series. This bespoke video series was created to capture content which showcased the incredible Alexa Skills (which are her built-in, voice-driven capabilities) that eight well-known ANZ brands have leveraged for commercial success. Each video showed how the voice technology had helped the company to thrive and provided an instant blueprint for other brands to emulate their success.


The solution

The Because team directed and shot interviews with multiple companies from different industries and captured their innovative approaches from the beginning. This included learning what an Alexa Skill was through to training, concept, development, and product launch. Then it was about investigating the positive impact that Alexa had on their businesses.

The videos series shared how these brands have truly embraced the 



power of voice technology. Several of the films each focused on a specific brand: Huggies, Coca-Cola (Aus), Blind Low Vision New Zealand, Fox Sports, Nova, Kinderling Kids Radio, Taste (FoodCorp) and AGL; while a final film was a ‘hero’ compilation that showcased them all together. The series is being featured on Amazon B2B channels, at events, and on industry channels such as B&T and Mumbrella. The best part about this series? It not only shared success secrets, but it also provided inspiration and future-forward strategies from leading companies across ANZ.


Dialing Up The Success

There’s no doubt that Alexa has revolutionised the way people live, but in a corporate context it’s now also empowering brands to reimagine how they can connect with their consumers. Even though the world is rapidly becoming more digital, Alexa offers a way for brands to make meaningful connections with customers every single day, and to provide a practical, value-driven experience.

The best news of all of this? The brand and marketing opportunities are virtually endless; all you need to do is to start up the relationship with this digital assistant. As people become more comfortable with using this technology, they will expect the brands they know and love, to be au fait with using smart technology too. That means you don’t want Alexa to be ‘lost for words’ when one of your consumers says, “Alexa, find (insert your brand name here)”. To sum up, if you haven’t already started making noises in this tech space, it’s time to start today - before another of your competitors gets there first.


If you need some help to tell more engaging product stories, give us a call. We’ll help you use technology like Alexa and smart marketing strategies to create better content, to help future-proof your business, and to connect to your customers in a way which adds value. The result: your brand will have a stronger, clearer, and more contemporary voice.

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