The challenge

Amazon’s favourite voice assistant, Alexa, has been problem-solving and wisdom-sharing for Australians for three years. Amazon wanted to find a unique, innovative way to celebrate this third birthday anniversary and to reward loyal fans and customers. Our challenge was to create a nationwide, tech-focused campaign that not only nailed both goals, but also represented how Alexa works, and what she offers the people of Australia.


The idea

We began by taking a traditional birthday party but remixing it to include creative technology and Alexa’s personality. This occasion needed to be shared with as many of Alexa’s loyal fans, customers, and partners as possible, and we needed to drive talkability, awareness and engagement. That meant we needed a new spin on party invites, and to celebrate for longer than just one day.

Our idea: sharing the birthday anniversary love by gifting all of Australia’s Alex’s, Alexa’s and Alexander’s the chance to win big with a national competition campaign that spanned three days, a day for every year of Alexa’s life-changing assistance.


The solution

We called this competition ‘Alexa’s Trivia’, and we powered it with a bespoke Facebook Messenger app that worked specifically for any names that began with ‘Ale’. All those lucky Aussies whose names started with these three letters were given a chance to answer three of twenty fun and quirky questions. Every question was paired with a custom animation and voice, and there were multiple-choice answers. This was all incentivised with fantastic Amazon prizes: Amazon Echo Dots and Audible and Amazon vouchers.


The non-Ale named entrants weren’t left empty-handed at this party either, as Alexa offered them a 15% discount on devices, which they were encouraged to learn more about on a custom-built microsite that offered a peek into Alexa’s world.

The volume on this campaign was dialled up through vibrant social media ads that spoke directly to all Ale-named people (and their friends) and challenged them to take on the Trivia questions.



To amplify the campaign, we also partnered with an aptly named influencer, Alexis Fernandez, and twenty carefully chosen micro influencers. Alexis branded content drove awareness of and traffic to the Alexa Facebook Messenger app. All the influencers were gifted with an Alexa Trivia pack which included an Amazon Echo Dot, branded cupcakes with candles (there’s no real party without cake), and a special birthday card – all of which helped them to create compelling, birthday-boosting content.

The Amazon Alexa anniversary campaign was a huge success: the targets and KPIs set were exceeded, and the prizes were handed out within the first few hours of each day of the competition. Using the bespoke app and innovative, name-driven Trivia tool earned us plenty of positive awareness and engagement – even with people without those letters in their name. Yet another win for creative technology. Here’s to seeing many more candles on the cake for the world’s most-loved voice assistant.

Just like Alexa, we want to hear from you. Contact us now to partner up on your next event, experience, or birthday: we’ll make it a creative celebration with brand benefits.

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