Real connections in a digital world

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Dear Brands,

Our forte at Because has always been creative tech. Over the past decade, we’ve had the latest gadgets in our offices across the globe with a bunch of curious problem solvers crowded around them, thinking of ways they could incorporate them into their marketing campaigns.

A couple of years ago we started talking about Virtual Atoms. Not heard of them? Think of these little digital assets as infinite virtual tokens (or even virtual media) which provide an incredibly innovative digital solution to many of today’s business challenges. Propelled by the pandemic, one of our brave clients, Carlton & United Breweries in Australia, got onboard with our theory, and we turned Virtual Atoms into a very successful reality for their business. We’re now well into 2021, and at last count we’d created over twenty Virtual Atom campaigns, flawlessly (of course).

At Because we’re always striving to hunt for the next big thing - the latest and greatest creative tech that will bring your brand to life in an extraordinary way, and help you build real connections in this increasingly digital world. So, keep an eye on our blog, if you too are itching to walk the road less travelled.

Warmest regards,
Sharon, Global MD

PS Live events are (almost) back and we’re soooo looking forward to helping brands to re-connect with people in the physical world too…