Connecting is more important than ever

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Dear Brands,

Change isn’t easy, but it’s unavoidable and in business it’s essential. The best brands are commonly those with ‘change’ in their DNA. The ones that are constantly evolving, never afraid to try.

This year has changed our global agency, and for the better. Almost thirty years ago, we helped pioneer the experiential industry in the UK, and we started this year as a leader in brand experience worldwide. Fast forward to today, and we now also have enviable credentials in both digital and virtual marketing strategies, across both the B2C and B2B spectrum.

So, what’s next? What will the 2021 change be? Brands now recognise the need to behave ‘human’ and to create the human interactions we now realise we all want (and after lockdown, crave). Brands also, however, must continue to strive forwards finding smart ways to make real connections in a digital world too. Thus, we believe next year will be about multidimensional brand experiences; offering audiences choice - a way to engage that works best for them.

Going forward, brands will need an agency partner well versed in creating both live and digital connections, and all this change in 2020, has put Because in a position to do just that.

Stay healthy and warmest regards,
Sharon, Global MD