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Dear Brands, 

Yes, 2021 is going to be full of surprises, which will warrant a few more first rodeos. But that’s OK because you’re ready and so are we. 2020 made sure of that!  

 So, this year, embrace the instability and unpredictability. Take risks, boldly go where no brand has gone before and give yourselves permission to fail, because that’s really the only way you’re going to succeed in this forever changing landscape. 

Unpredictability and ‘firsts’ can be frightening. That’s why choosing the right agency partner to ride the marketing rollercoaster with is so important. You want the guys who are going to help you on and get you safely sorted before encouraging you to fling your arms up in the air.  

At Because, we’re no strangers to first rodeos (grab a cuppa and check out our case studies), but the bedrock of what happens behind the scenes remains the same – and 30 years in the game means our clients sleep better at night knowing their appetite for brave new campaigns is in the right hands.  

2021, you’re going to be unpredictable, but we’re ready for you.  

Warmest regards,

Sharon, Global MD