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Green Lights all the Way

- 17 weeks of live activity
- A consistently busy laser maze
- Over 150,000 personal engagements
- 80% of participants took a brand booklet

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christmas marketing

The best Christmas marketing campaigns 2014

There have been some absolute crackers (pun intended) of Christmas marketing campaigns this year – here are five of our favourites:

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trends in experiential marketing

2014 global trends in Experiential Marketing

From personalisation to selfies, and pranks to brand collaborations, 2014 has seen an emergence of new trends in experiential marketing and the enhancement of already-existing ones. We’ve rounded up the 10 major experiential marketing themes, trends and highlights of the year…

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Belgians transported to London in Beefeater campaign

In Beefeater’s London Calling campaign in Belgium, the brand brought the lively atmosphere of London to Belgium – all via a red phone box.

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