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Make History

Linking in with the Jim Beam ‘Make History’ proposition, we wanted to capture people making their own history to create an engaging, memorable and interactive sampling experience.

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brand experience Discovery Channel Shark Week

Great Experiential Marketing: Discovery Channel’s Shark Week Fin Fest

Discovery Channel has been demonstrating its experiential marketing prowess again – this time with its first ever Fin Fest, promoting 2014’s iteration of Shark Week

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Brand experience Flying Experience

Great Experiential Marketing: JetBlue ‘Mint Room’ Flying Experience

JetBlue Airways got people talking about its new premium front-of-the-cabin service “Mint” with this on-the-ground brand experience in Los Angeles.

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Brand Experience Tanqueray Bus Shelter

Great Experiential Marketing: Tanqueray's Cinema Bus Shelters

To celebrate the Malaga Film Festival, gin purveyors Tanqueray constructed a striking campaign on the streets of Malaga, by turning 238 normal bus shelters into fully decked-out and immersive cinemas.

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